Magou-V – Luo Han Guo Extract

Defining the Fruit Luo Han Guo

Hill Pharma, Inc.’s Magou-VTM Luo han guo comes from the fruit of the plant Siraitia grosvenorii (Momordic grosvernii) which is a member of the Curcubitacee family (Ling Yeouruenn, Science Press, Beijing, 1995). Hill Pharma’s dried versions of this fruit have been carefully researched and developed to produce a highly valuable natural sweetener using our proprietary all natural process. Hill Pharma, Inc. controls the cultivation and final product production in a process that is vertically integrated.

Active Constitutents

The “sweetness” of Magou-VTM Luo han guo far exceeds that of table sugar (about 200 times sweeter than sugar by weight). This property emanates from “mogrosides” which are a group of compounds derived from the terpene glycoside content of the fruit. Dried fruits can be processed to yield extracts with up to 50% plus of mogrosides. Mogroside – 5 (formerly called esgoside) and other similar compounds (siamenoside and neomogroside) constitute the main ingredients of Luo han guo that confer sweetness.

Special Processing

While initially considered limited in its actions as a sweetener, because of the aromas and unpleasant tastes that it can develop in storage, Hill Pharma’s modern technologies establish a versatile artificial sweetener with ideal organoleptic properties. This proprietary processing technique also prevents any unpleasant after-taste that may be experienced with some other sweeteners, e.g. stevia.


Hill Pharma’s Luo han guo is cultivated in Northern Thailand and Southern China. The name of the fruit has an interesting origin. The Luohan group of people were Buddhist monks who were among the earliest users of guo (fruit described as gourd-like).


Hill Pharma’s Magou-VTM Luo han guo can be a main ingredient for “cooling” drinks to assist body functions during hot weather and during bouts of fever. It can be added as a condiment to complement the cooking of meat, and it can be used to produce a refreshing tea. The extensive use of Luo han guo started in the 20th century and it has a long precedent of safety. Magou-VTM Luo han guo is the quintessential ingredient to sweeten and flavor all foods and beverages, as required.

Additional Properties

In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Luo han guo is considered to be a longevity aid and its use has been associated with longevity in populations that live for one hundred years or more in areas of Guilin Province (Southern China). Luo han guo is considered “cooling” by assisting in balancing heat buildup due to life forces or external heat. Hill Pharma’s Magou-V™ Luo han guo is low in calories and it classifies as a low glycemic food for ideal use as a sweetener in beverages and cooked food.

In current literature, no contraindications have been described for the use of Luo han guo. There are no data on toxicology of Luo han guo and interactions with other food or medication are not described. While no controlled human trials of
Luo han guo are noted in scientific literature, this foodstuff has premium sweetening properties and assists in blood sugar control. It displays antioxidant benefits.

*These products are not to be used to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease. Information derived from animal and human studies, which are not treatment recommendations.