MoruCel – Mulberry Leaf Extract

MoruCel™: Mulberry Leaf Extract of 2% 1-DNJM


MoruCelTM is the material extracted from mulberry leaf that can be used for the nutritional support of a healthy blood glucose. It was developed by Hill Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd as a consequence of a long term project. The current research shows that it can provide nutritional support for a healthy blood glucose with effects on post-prandial blood glucose. These effects have been noted to be superior to other alpha-glucosidase inhibitors (AGIs).

When MoruCelTMis compared with other alpha-glucosidase inhibitors the advantage of MoruCelTM is apparent:

Compare items Product Inhibition to α-glucosidase Promotion to the secretion of insulin Side effect on gastrointestine Price
MoruCelTM Yes Yes Few Low
General AGIs Yes No Frequent High


MoruCelTM has multifunctional mechanisms of action:

  1. Reduces the high peak value of the postprandial blood glucose through inhibiting the activity of secondary carbohydrate degradation. enzymes and interfering with disaccharide absorption in the intestines
  2. Promotes ß cells to secrete insulin, and promotes the carbohydrate consumption of cells and liver glycogen synthesis, as well as improves the carbohydrate metabolism. These actions serve the purpose of reducing the blood glucose.
  3. Inhibit the multiplication of harmful bacteria and provide nutritional support for intestinal function.
  4. In vitro study: sustained effectiveness of MoruCelTM in experimental animals.

Inhibition of a-glucosidase by Morucel™

In vivo study sustains effectiveness of MoruCelTM.

MoruCelTM‘s effects on Normal Glucose Tolerance in the Rat

MoruCelT<sup>TM</sup>'s effects on Normal Glucose Tolerance in the Rat

MoruCel™ is a dietary supplement that provides nutritional support to aid in promoting a healthy blood glucose. With further research, Hill Pharma intends to pursue a new drug application.

In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), mulberry leaves have been used for thousands of years as a food material for clearing away “heat.” The earliest written records of its use can be traced back to the book “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” in the 19th century. These days, mulberry leaf is included in the “Medicinal and Alimental Materials List” announced by the Chinese Ministry of Health. All of these substances in the materials list are considered to be safely used as food. Licorice, ginger, honey, and black sesame are also in the materials list, reinforcing the safety of these foods. A report from Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Prevention and Control shows LD50 data of MoruCel beyond 21,•bw, and confirms its safety even in large dosages.

MoruCelTM contains a mixture of bioactive compounds. In addition to 2% 1-deoxynojirimycin, several other active components are present in mulberry leaves. The core technology of the production of MoruCelTM is to regulate and control the all active compounds in the best proportion, and achieve effectiveness through synergism.

MoruCel™ is available in powder and granule form, which can be made into a tablet or capsule at the customer’s request.

*These products are not to be used to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease. Information derived from animal and human studies, which are not treatment recommendations.