Philosophy & Mission Statement

Today’s health conscious consumers are continually searching for more nutritious, cleaner, greener products. As an industry, we too have been looking for better ways to retain initial nutrients in the products we sell. There is an argument to be made that all nutrients are not the same – especially when it comes to natural and organic ingredients. Climates differ, farming practices vary, and growing conditions fluctuate. How crops are planted and cared for; how carefully and caringly they are harvested; and how they are stored, shipped, and processed can either deteriorate or help maintain the plant’s original nutrient value.

Hill Pharma, Inc. was formed to create a more reliable source for quality finished ingredients. We believe that most companies start out with the best of intentions. However, it takes much more than good intentions to produce superior ingredients. Quality at the farm level is important but not enough to ensure a truly nutritious end product. Scientific controls and testing, as well as meticulous attention to non-GMO controls, are key factors – but they too are not enough. It requires all of the above and more. It requires carefully monitoring the harvesting, transporting, and storing of natural plants to ensure that they are not exposed to excess levels of nutrient robbing heat, moisture, or careless handling.